Reply To: iTunes 6.0.5 and mt-daapd 0.2.4


@arjan1973 wrote:

0.2.4 stopped working here when iTunes upgraded to 6.0.5

It looks as though this was fixed in on the 4th, but I haven’t been able to find any discussion about the fix on the forums here.

Dang, I just finished fetching 0.2.4 and re-building it on my LinkStation to use with iTunes, and then I discover that 0.2.4 won’t work with 6.0.5. (I lived with the previous 6.0.4 breakage since the Soundbridge was still working, but was hoping to resolve that today).

Is anything holding up the release of 0.2.5? I don’t actually see how to get it short of grabbing it from the fixes branch…
[edit: Oops, now I see it, in test-release form: Heh. Missed it earlier when skimming through all the nightly comments from the bottom-up.]

Is there a message posting or wiki page somewhere that describes how to go from a crusty old stable release (I’m still running to the latest nightly? It seems (from looking through the long list of nightly changes) that there are many things that change and appear to prevent the latest nightlies from being just a drop-in replacement for an older stable. Last time I went to upgrade (when 6.0.4 broke, but wasn’t fixed in a new release yet) I ran into this same problem.

I’m a Linux software (tools) engineer by day, so I can probably figure this all out, but I was just looking for a hint if there’s already a page somewhere that describes all of the stable–>nightly changes (iTunes.xml? config file changes? sqlite3? anything else?).

Thanks in advance!