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@jjh wrote:

What is the project’s current status concerning this feature?

Not impelemented

Is the remote tagging thing being worked on?

No, not currently.

Is it part of an upcoming milestone?

Only in the sense that everything that hasn’t been added is destined to be added some time in the future. 🙂

But no, not formally.

I think I could maybe set apart some time to help build this feature, but I would certainly need some help and guidance, because I am totally new to the firefly project. What programming language was used to write firefly?

It’s in C.

If I were to implement the remote tagging feature, could I use a well-defined API to write a small plugin, or would I have to mess around with the server’s source?

Right now there are only ill-defined apis. Only recently has the source been modularized into plugins, and more needs to be done. The database in particuarly still needs to be abstracted and moved to a plugin infrastructure.

I think it would best be implemented first pass as a plugin, but there will be both server side and plugin side code to impelment — the server right now has no notion of a “write-back tag”, so the plumbing on the server side to route to a plugin would have to be written.

oh, and yes, I am using OSX. On the website, it says “Support for Mac OSX (coming soon!)”. Do the nightlies work with OSX already?

It’s always worked on osx as a posix app — I’ve developed it from day one on a mac. Recently there is a prefs pane and menu bar dingus for it, but it’s always worked from the terminal.

I have some specified ideas about how I think this might be implemented. If you are seriously interested on working on it, you can contact me at [email protected].

— Ron