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@ToF wrote:

first post here, so to begin with: thanks for the great work.

I may be wrong but there is no way currently to remotely tag a track via mt-daap.
All my music is on a remote server and I don’t want to use an incoming/production directory organisation so well-tagged and badly-tagged songs are all in same place on the server. Therefore I often find the mistagged songs while I’m listening/searching for them and it would be much less pain if I could edit the tags right in my client application (in my case Rhythmbox on a linux box)

I guess it would be possible to do this with plugins equivalent to the existing metadata parsers system, and expose the feature via a server extension (like those for adding playlists)

I think it could be a great alternative to something like a web based solution, particularly for smoother integration in client applications (of course those would have to be hacked a little to support the extensions).

What do you think ?

Yup, that’s something that on the milestone list for 1.1, but we’ll see where it gets. Doing tag writing for a whole range of different file types might be hard. Might end up consolidating to a single tag reader/writer like taglib or something.

It’s something actively under consideration, though.

— Ron