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Reply To: svn-1274 feedback


1) iTunes XML is no longer parsed for me. (No iTunes playlists, etc.) I don’t think it finds the file at all (in the default “Windows” iTunes location.) Bug in your new “only read files called iTunes Music Library.xml” code?

2) Some quirks with config.html & IE 6.0: the “Remove” link next to various fields appear/disappear as you add/remove items. Firefox is fine.

3) I think you might have (at least partially) fixed the SMP related total hang. I’ll beat on it more. I did have one SoundBridge start erroring… but I was able to disconnect and reconnect to Firefly, while a 2nd client continued to work without interruption. So, no “total Firefly hang” yet…!

4) Confirmed the dynamic MP3 Album Art works in Win32. But it does supercede or “replace” any embeded picture if it already exists in a MP3, which is a little odd.

5) Multiple composers are still not parsed into a single Composer entry for WMA (and FLAC, OGG)

So far… the rest is carry-over stuff that hasn’t been addressed yet. Yay!

svn-1274 (Win32)