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@jloiselle wrote:

how can i find out if the is being called.. i’ve spent the last two hours trying to figure this out. it seems to be in the correct place. i’ve changed the paths to wavstreamer and flac in the script. the permissions on the script are wide open. i’ve also tested it from the command line and it seems to work. but mt-daapd tells me it sends like 18k and then says its finished sending.

anyway i can debug this?

You can set the debuglevel to 9, and set up a logfile in the config file. htat should give you some info on what’s going on.

Also, you could do something like change:



$ALAC "$FILE" | tee /tmp/out.wav | $WAVSTREAMER -o $OFFSET $FORGELEN

and that will give you in /tmp/out.wav the file that got sent to itunes. Check to see it’s a valid wav file. I think it probly isn’t. 🙂

— Ron