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@ralph wrote:


Bonjour/Rendezvous doesnt start up. I checked the webinterface and it says bonjour is stopped ans does NOT give me the option to start it.
only after i hit start scan the rendezvous service control gives me the option to’start MDNS server’ . But even clicking that does not start the service

Thus i do see the firefly in my Itunes but there are no songs.

Is theat becuase Bonjour doesnt run? or did the scan fail and is the library empty?
where can i check the result of the scan?

Actually, on windows 2k, it doesn’t have a rendezvous server directly under its control, so that’s what that is about.

Sounds like the scan failed, actually.

You can check the log by using the tray applet and looking in the log pane.

— Ron