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@rpedde wrote:

So there is hope for .wpl then and I assume Firefly can be made to look at multiple genres and artists in the future, it’s just a matter of Ron getting time to add the code and putting out the larger fires first, right?

I did look at this, and my xml parser isn’t up to the task, sadly. It won’t be as simple as I hoped. So that feature is on the fence for a 1.0. Not that it much matters, as I won’t really have a 1.0. I think essentially what will happen is a nightly will end up being promoted to being 1.0. 🙂

Meanwhile, nightlies will just keep rolling.

Do you know if there are requests already in the “feature reguest” for these two items? If not, I will post them.

These are first on the list for post-1.0 after the great db rewrite (take 3).

— ron

Thanks for the direct feedback and the attention to this!
Regards, Matt