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Support for “Album Artist” tag logic (and multiple Artists, Composers, Genres, etc.) is not implemented in Firefly. (That’s the one big thing I miss from WMC 2.0… being able to browse by Album Artist or any of the Artists involved… while retaining correct grouping.)

Firefly will only browse by the first defined track Artist (“Contributing Artist”) at this time. As a workaround, you can make “Paul Oakenfold” the first Artist on all the tracks impacted. You won’t see the track’s “real” artist while playing on SoundBridge… but you’ll retain the names for other applications. If Firefly ever gets support for Album Artist, multiple Artists, etc…. you’ll be all set.

(This isn’t just WMA… FLAC, OGG, etc. too.)

As you know from SlimRoku, Slimserver supports Album Artist. (The multiple names thing is still broken with WMA, though… but will get fixed in the 6.5 cycle)

Support for static .WPL playlists is in the plans for 1.0, but nothing yet…

Yep, Firefly screams… poor ol’ UPnP AV. 8)