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@grommet wrote:

A few started a similar thread in the Roku Firefly forum, noticing gapless FLAC & WMAL content was not gapless on SoundBridge + Firefly. I noticed some of this before, but never did controlled tests until yesterday.

I reproduced the problem with FLAC, OGG (yes, lossy), WMA Lossless & ALAC to WAV transcoding… probably any transcoding and not just gapless capable formats. (My ALAC test was the worst.)

WMA Lossless with WMC 2.0 (transcoded to LPCM) is perfectly gapless on my evil samples. (In fact, SoundBridge + WMAL is better than Windows Media Player + WMAL on playback. Darn WMP bugs…)

Samples are getting dropped, and in at least one case some junk samples were added. D’oh! Ron, I can pass you a small multi-format “test suite”… if you’d like.

Firefly svn-1249 (Win32)

If you can send me something that repros obviously and is short (10-15 sec) so I can do test turnarounds on quickly, I’d take it.