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@Henk wrote:

1. In iTunes I can not drag any files to a local playlist. Is this a configuration thingy, or can I only use the mt-daapd for that?

Nope, that’s just The Way iTunes Works ™. There is no real reason it couldn’t work that way, just that it doesn’t. 🙁

I guess they don’t want you to do anything but listen to remote music.

2. Can I reveal file-info to iTunes users on my network?

What specifically are you wanting to see? I’m not sure I understand what you are asking here.

3. Can I allow them to copy songs, instead of just playing them?

Hmmm… playing the songs is really a matter of fetching the songs over http. firefly/mt-daapd doesn’t do the same kind of authentication stuff that iTunes does, so you can just pull songs off the server if you know the http url to the song. That means it could be used for a streaming playlist or something like htat.

To actually pull music off the thing, you’d likely need a client to do so… you couldn’t do that with iTunes, you’d have to use a different client.

4. Is the “rescan_interval” in mt-daapd.conf measured in seconds?

Yes. Correct.

A ‘Help’ thingy in the mt-daapd-CMS seems like a handy thing. I’d be happy to put my effort in it.

Great… the wiki at is set up for anon contributions. Feel free to start working on something there. If you want, you can link it off the “Developer Documentation” page, and we’ll straighten out where it should really be linked from later.

— Ron