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@magnate wrote:

What is in your lastfmsubmitd logs? (/var/log/lastfm/*)
What versions are you running (of mt-daapd, of python, etc.)?
What distro are you using?

I wonder if we are using slightly different versions of lastfmsubmitd – I’m using the one packaged for Debian, which I think has been slightly tweaked from the original.

Sorry I don’t have any better ideas at the moment, but happy to try and help.

Thanks for the help. Actually, I was successful in working around the problem yesterday, even if I don’t know the exact reason for failure. What I now do is: At the end of the script, I sleep for 5 second and then collect all files in the spool directory (if still existent) to one single file in a separate place and copy it back to the spool directory. This file is recognized reliably (and if not, it is collected next time), all the others get erased. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

lastfmsubmitd recognizes the files it does not scrobble (if I erase them, it complains that they vanished and crashes). Maybe it works too fast and begins scanning the files before they are completely written – but then my workaroung should also fail. No clue.

I use lastfmsubmitd from sources on a slow MIPS architecture with SLUG binaries. python is actually 2.4, maybe should I upgrade to 2.5?