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Obviously it’s not as good as having mt-daapd output the details of each song into /var/spool/lastfm play by play, but it’s a reasonable stopgap. I don’t tend to listen to any song more than once in a day, so it works for me.

Thanks for the script. However, does it really work for you every time? It does not for me, as from time to time lastfmsubmitdaemon ignores the written files and does not submit the information. What is submitted and what not is fairly random.

I first suspected empty files, but that’s not the reason. No clue…

Oh dear, sorry to hear that it’s giving you trouble. It took me a long time to get it working right, but as posted it now works for me every time. I’ve checked, and so far it hasn’t failed to scrobble anything I’ve listened to, since it was finished.

What is in your lastfmsubmitd logs? (/var/log/lastfm/*)
What versions are you running (of mt-daapd, of python, etc.)?
What distro are you using?

I wonder if we are using slightly different versions of lastfmsubmitd – I’m using the one packaged for Debian, which I think has been slightly tweaked from the original.

Sorry I don’t have any better ideas at the moment, but happy to try and help.