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Discovered the bad handshake is a problem. I get it about 25% of the time!

But I now have this running, and seemingly sending data to, but yet nothing is getting added to my profile. I believe I have tracked this down to bad data coming out of sqlite3. For some reason, when I try to send the length and last_played attribute, these are both 0 values.

This is odd, as I have run the sql statement directly inside sqlite3, and the data is inside the database and is displayed on screen, but yet the line (and I’m doing this from memory, so it might be wrong) $_->[4] returns zero, as does $_->[5]. These are the length and last_played columns.

I have tried adding a column alias to these columns, and I was going to play around with reordering these columns to see if this makes a difference, but can’t see why they are both returning zero values, when the data is in the database?

I believe this is why the script is failing for me, as these must be required fields inside the scrobbler?