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Once that’s done, then I think the scripting stuff will be fairly easy.

— Ron

Sounds good – thanks for the update. I’ll be looking for it – will you make some sort of announcement?


There is an rss feed at That will have notes when I’ve added it.

– Ron

Is this any closer to reality?

I still believe it would be really cool.

I’ve tried the scripts posted here but I’m basically clueless about how to get them working. Specific advice on how use the scripts would be welcome too. I’m running svn-1376 on OS X 10.4.10

Step one right now is stabilizing the codebase for a stable release.

UPnP and scripting are the items on the next stable after that.

I was thinking probably another month to stable, and scripting first after that pretty quickly. I think I’ll probably do a ruby scripting engine first, as I think I can get that running fairly quickly.

— Ron