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@DavesNotHereMan wrote:

What’s the issue with the current .deb? I’m a neophyte at packaging, but am curious about it – I got MythTV 0.19 to package (using the work of many other people) and don’t know what’s the big deal. (being clear here – I’m not the release packager for that project – I packaged one I built myself after some changes)

Is it the dependencies? The various distros? Signing?

BTW – nice avatar…


A lot of it isn’t the packaging, per se. Shared libs are going in the wrong place, but that’s a autotools problem, some of the documentation stuff isn’t compressed like it should be by debian packaging requirements. Missing a man page, by debian packaging requirements.

Dunno… lots of little stuff, really. Should make a secure working default config. Make make a dialog to prompt to admin password.

Just needs to be cleaned up a fair bit. It’s just… not as nice as a real debian package. 🙂

Oh, and the avatar? I had just started re-watching eva for the nth time about the same time I put up the new phpbb. How could I not? With Rei, a toss-up for the best character, imho.

— Ron