Reply To: 0.2.4 and transcoding


@DavesNotHereMan wrote:

I note you have some kind of race condition on SMP, and I do prize the server staying up 24x7x365.

It shouldn’t have any races for the last few nightlies. If so, I’d like to hear it.

Will mt-daapd get anything important out of a dual core or even a 64-bit single-core system that I wouldn’t get by installing the i386 deb? It’s not like I think the processor will be severely loaded by anything that I expect mt-daapd to be doing on my network.

It will still use multiple cores, even with a i386 deb. But no, I don’t expect that there would be any significant performance difference.

Should I expect that i386 .deb to work at all on AMD64?

Dunno, but I think so, on debian.

Will the Linux version ever take on the Firefly name?

Yup, but I can’t rename the project on sf, so I’m going to end up moving it to my own svn server. I just need time to do that. Soonish, though.

…and for my own two cents, I quite like the idea that you have a Debian package available – looking at it from the Debian side, software never seems complete to me now if it hasn’t been packaged.

Yeah, me too, but the package isn’t great. I wish someone who knew debian packaging well could help.

— Ron