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@mariuss wrote:

– there is no mt-daapd.playlist file under contrib and the old one I had does not seem to work (it gets ignored)

Yes. playlists are now stored in the database and are managed from the “smart playlist” tab on the web interface.

– the new binary looks for its configuration file under /usr/local/etc, even if I use –sysconfdir=/ with configure

Bug I thought was fixed this drop, but wasn’t. Will be next drop.

– transcoding works 😆 , but it generates this error for every song:

wavstreamer: Write failed.
Error writing to file: Broken pipe
Got CLD signal. Reaping

I’ll check the debug level on those, but those should really only be errors in the debug sense.. they are normal errors.

I noticed that there is a debian folder. Can I use it somehow to generate a proper .deb file? How?

a “fakeroot debian/rules binary” should do it, although you might have to change the changelog to get the right version and whatnot — my makedist script doesn’t update the debian stuff.

— Ron