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@mariuss wrote:

It looks like version 0.2.4 which I just compiled and installed on my AMD64 machine does not support transcoding. Is this correct?

Yup, that’s correct

How stable are the nightlies? Is there a particular one you would recommend (for being more stable)?

There are some problems with races on multi-core machines, but I think you have to exercise it pretty heavily to run across it. there is also a memory leak when parsing iTunes XML files.

That said, I’ve been running 1171 since Jun 2 on my “production” slug. That’s what I actually listen to music from, and it’s been up continuously since then, being used several hours a day every day.

So it seem to be stable enough. Proof is in the pudding, though. Or whatever.

How far is the next stable release?

Close. Pretty much in feature freeze for bug stompage at this point.