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Yes, internet radio streams from my iTunes library.

Clients are my Soundbridges.

I noticed the note on the mt-daapd nightlies page that you may need to delete and rebuild songs.db. That I did and now the streams are all showing but with an “X” next to them and the Soundbridge says it cannot play the song.

So it is now showing the streams that I have in my library/playlists but it can’t play them…

EDIT: OK, looks like Firefly IS working fine with the streams. The problem appears to be with my M2000. My M1000 plays the streams fine. The M2000 will connect to the Firefly server and play music from it, but it won’t connect beyond my LAN. It won’t check for software updates nor will it stream any of the built-in presets. Very odd as it and my M1000 both use the same router. The M2000 is wired though and the M1000 wireless…Guess I’ll have to post this over at the Roku forums…