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Reply To: 1249 – crashes on DB insert

Ted Harper

@rpedde wrote:

I forgot to mention that you have to delete your songs.db and let it create a new one. Plus, I forgot to increment the db version.

I missed this earlier; should _ALL_ users (eg on my NSLU2) have deleted songs.db and forced a full rescanning when updating Firefly from svn-1236 to svn-1249?

I didn’t do that and I haven’t had a crash of Firefly, but then again I haven’t bought any new CDs and added any new music to the Firefly library since upating to svn-1249 either.

If I do need to delete and rescan the library, I assume the procedure on the NSLU2 is to killall the mt-daapd processes, then delete the library file, then run the init.d script to fire it up again? Is that correct? Can the installer perhaps in the future delete (or at least prompt for deletion) the songs library when an upgrade is installed that needs a new database schema element that can’t otherwise be done on the fly?