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thank you for replying. You wrote:

Those are edited from the web interface (http://server:port, log on as “admin” with the password set in your “admin_pw” setting). Use the smart playlist tab.

In my webinterface there is no Smart Playlist Tab, only “Home”, “Config”, “Status”, “Feedback”, and “Thanks”. Im running mt-daapd 0.2.4 from the newest FreeBSD ports. Whats wrong?

Great! Thanks for volunteering! You could help best by helping to move the wiki documentation from to You might want to update it from 0.2.x to the nightlies codebase as well.

Another thing you could do is distill the wiki page on the playlist format into a helpful html page that could be popped up from a “help” link on the smart playlist page.

Either one of those would be a big help. If you have other things you are interested in contributing, let me know, we sure could use the help.

Hmmm… yes I could. Im participating on two other open source projcts. And I dont know yet if I could do this for you too. I’ll think about that.
I didnt know that there is another wiki. It would be a good idea to link from the to the other one in the first page.

Thanks, again.