Reply To: Streaming Internet Radio items not working with RSP


@grommet wrote:

Your fix attempt for #3 (in svn-1301) does fix the polution for SoundBridge, though. It looks like you are filtering the Playlist URL metadata entires at the Firefly search query level, so SoundBridge doesn’t even see the items returned. That’s a good hack fix, assuming Roku has no real way to do this on the client

Explain to me what you perceive the problem to be, with examples, including what the behavior is on what clients. I’m apparently not understanding what it is you are saying. Compounding that is the fact that there are three different ways to retrieve data from the database, and I’m not sure which way we are talking about — rsp, query/browse over daap, or standard daap.

Somehow I’m completely missing what it is you are saying.