Reply To: Streaming Internet Radio items not working with RSP


Ok, returning to iTunes client with Firefly “playlist” behavior…

I don’t think #3 is really fixed in this svn for iTunes clients.

Something is still “different.” iTunes Playlist URL metadata continues to populate/taint the normal library browse with an iTunes client. When iTunes is used a server, the iTunes client nicely suppresses them. (Just like iTunes does with local Playlist URL metadata.) So, Firefly/DAAP must not be flagging the Playlist URLs the same way when the iTunes client sees it.

(Note: SoundBridge doesn’t suppress most Playlist URL stuff. That’s either a SoundBridge bug/oversight… or it’s somehow not technically possible in the way Roku talks via iTunes DAAP. So, using SoundBridge as a “test” doesn’t count for #3.)

Your fix attempt for #3 (in svn-1301) does fix the polution for SoundBridge, though. It looks like you are filtering the extra Playlist URL metadata at the Firefly search query level, so SoundBridge doesn’t even see the items returned. That’s a good hack fix, assuming Roku has no real way to do this on the client.

So, I guess it’s “fixed” for SoundBridge… but Firefly still isn’t doing something correctly for iTunes. 😕 Does this make sense? 😯