Reply To: Streaming Internet Radio items not working with RSP


@grommet wrote:

2) The “Comment” metadata that can exist for the radio station stream entry (Playlist URL) does not get exposed by Firefly. (iTunes does expose it.)

3) With iTunes as a client to Firefly, the Playlist URL entries parsed appear in “normal” music browsing & search… for example, the “Genre” metadata is littered with the Genres supplied for streaming radio station entries (which often, uh, suck). With iTunes as the server to an iTunes client, the Playlist URL entries are suppressed in normal music browsing… (no garbage Genres, etc.). They only appear when browsing a specific playlist. So, Firefly is doing something different here. 😕 Missing a tag?

Both of these are in svn.

I’m not sure iTunes does suppress that stuff in browse. Against an iTunes server, I can browse for “Artist” on a stream. Don’t know about anything else, but at least some metadata is exposed in searches.

It isn’t in firefly now. Not sure if that’s a misfeature or not. If anyone complains, then I guess it could be a config option.