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@mdw wrote:

I notice that the flac files have “X” next to them, presumably because the soundbridge
doesn’t understand flac. I recall that the file type for version 0.2.4 was transformed
to wav.

Have I misconfigured something?

check your plugins… look at the sample config in contrib, see the section at the end that looks like:


You are probably missing the That used to be built-in, but now transcoders are plugins.

2) Sometimes the wizard doesn’t seem to update the main box with the query info.
Not sure why this is. Minor: I think the wizard would be better off in the main page
rather than a popup. Popus tend to hide when you’re not watching them.

Yes, and yes. Plus, they get blocked by popup blockers. Plus, it’s kind of a stupid wizard — it would be really nice if you could build a full query with it. I’ve thought some about returning the parse tree in json so the client side could have the whole current parse tree and render it that way, but I think it would be a fair bit of javascript to do. Would be cool, though.

All in all, though, I might have to call it “good enough for a 1.0”.

4) The new web interface is a bit improvement.

That’s anders to thank for that. I agree, though.

Nice work.

Thanks. Nice to hear.

— Ron