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I’ve figured out why I’m missing so many files. Firefly seems to be struggling to map files from the iTunes XML to the file system if the file name or path has an accented character. An accent in the iTunes song name or details isn’t a problem, just if it’s in the file path.

Hi all
I was just wondering if this “accent problem” could be solved in a future version of firefly ?
I’m running the nightly 1523 on my synology DS-101J. In my iTunes Library some ID3 tags are not correct, the reason is that there is an accent in the file path…
And since I’m french you can imagine the number of the songs !!! 😆

Those are two separate problems — one is with id3 tags, the other is with file paths.

If it comes up with wrong info (or strange or corrupt info) in your id3 tags, it’s because there is something wrong with the way those files are tagged. Likely they are utf-8, but marked as latin1 in the tag, or vice versa. Something is wrong with the tags. If you fix up the tags in a newer id3 editor, then firefly will probably pick them up right.

If it’s that it won’t show files from iTunes playlists in your playlists, that’s a different issue. You’ll have to make the unix box save files in utf-8. If you are copying the files to the machine from samba, then it should have saved filenames as utf-8 already, so if you are experiencing this problem, it must be that you moved the files over a different way.

But i’m not sure which problem you are experiencing.