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@mbaker wrote:

1. Install issue with “file in use”.

I saw that once, but then couldn’t replicate it. I send a message to the tray applet to shut itself down, but it appeared that it just plain ignored it once. Don’t know why that happens, and I can’t make it do it at will. 🙁

2. iTunes tmp files

Interesting. If you set “supports update” to “no” in the config page, does it still happen?

4. not picking up iTunes content regularly

Don’t know if that’s an iTunes thing or a me thing. I’ll try and replicate it. This is ticket #171.

6. m3u = iTunes XML

… ticket #172…

8. error adding iTunes playlist

That comes from duplicate playlists. If there is a backup copy of the iTunes xml file or something, then it tries to add another playlist with the same name — the second try at adding it fails.

Arguably, there could be multiple playlists with the same name, but I just haven’t allowed it. I’m not sure why. Confusion, maybe?

9. memory leak

Aaaaah… that makes me think it’s in the itunes xml parsing. Great. No wonder I couldn’t find it on valgrind – my linux box with valgrind doesn’t have (duh) iTunes, so I’m not grinding against a real xml file. I’ll run this to ground. Ticket #173.

10. missing files

You can turn logging up to 5, then watch the logs on scan. You should get some sense of it there.

Otherwise, you can dump the database with something like

sqlite pathtosongs.db ".dump songs"

and importing it into excel or something. You’ll need the sqlite exectable (2.8.whatever) from You can also find a sqlite table editor around and open songs.db directly.

As far as scanning performance goes, that’s strange. I wonder if it’s related to the multiple itunes temp files? Wonder if it’s scanning those and trying to import them.