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@mbaker wrote:

2. iTunes tmp files
When running Firefly and iTunes at the same time, I’m getting a build-up of iTunes XML temp files in the My DocumentsMy MusiciTunes folder. I’ve had up to 200 files at 8M each. Running iTunes with Firefly turned off produces no tmp files.

iTunes is generating these files when it’s connected to Firefly as a client. The behavior here might be related to Firefly not supporting incremental updates. (You’ll see multiple playlists appear, etc.) So, maybe: (Future release.)

3. “completed” systray popups seem premature
I’m getting “completed” pop-ups at unusual times. According to the tail I’ve got running on my log file, they’re happening before it’s completed the scan and started serving files.

Yes, I still see that, too. It’s been mentioned. Pretty minor, though…

5. web interface bugs
In basic mode on the configuration page though, the Config File Location is being cut in half by the box underneath.


is the intended behaviour that the countdown bar gets thinner over time? Weird.

Known. That’s here:

7. unknown meta flags
With debug level 5 I’m getting a lot of errors saying “unknown meta flag”. Not sure what’s causing that but they’re pretty regular.

Known bug:

11. long refresh times
The initial build of the full refresh was very quick but subsequent refreshes seem to be taking a long time.

Odd, I’m seeing much faster performance. For example: “19444 songs in 1166 seconds”

12. timestamp in log
Any chance of getting a timestamp in the log to go with the datestamp? That would be really helpful with issue tracking and debugging.

Known bug: