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Ted Harper

@rpedde wrote:

iTunes doesn’t play wma. It has to be transcoded. The windows build has two transcoders for wma — the ssc-wma transcoder that uses the Windows Media framework, and the ssc-ffmpeg transcoder that uses ffmpeg. Either of those can transcode wma to wav for iTunes.

On the slug, though, the package I distribute doesn’t have either of those. It uses script-based transcoding, and I haven’t set up the script to do wma. mostly because until the roku stuff, nobody around here every wanted to use wma. 🙂 It was all flac and ogg.

It looks like there is a ffmpeg binary for the slug, so I guess I could put one together and see if I can get it working. Understand it won’t ever work for wma lossless or wma pro, or wma voice — those codecs are lock to a windows platform until someone reverses them.

I understand about the transcoding requirement for WMA into iTunes (I’m the one who hassled you into putting useragent-specific transcoding into the 1.0 release – evil laugh mwahahahah), and it’s working just fine for the Windows build of Firefly (ie not transcoding WMA to Soundbridge, but transcoding WMA files when the client is iTunes).

My WMA files are just ordinary plain-vanilla ones (no DRM, not lossless, pro or any other sort of super-duper ones)

What I didn’t realise until you posted above was that the build of Firefly wasn’t the same in as far as its transcoding of WMA between Windows and NSLU2 builds.

I just bought a NSLU2 and 500Gbyte drive and last night (while waiting for Australia to lose 2:0 to Brazil in the match starting 2am local time here – sigh) moved everything off the Windows PC that had been running Firefly and Twonkyvision and onto the NSLU2. The NSLU2 is running Twonkyvision 3.1 mediaserver and svn-1236 of Firefly just fine with about 6000 music files. I only got around to trying the Mac+iTunes as a client to Firefly on the new NSLU2 server this morning, and couldn’t immediately work out why the WMA transcoding had stopped working.

I’m keen for the user-agent-specific WMA transcoding (“vanilla WMA” only of course) on the NSLU2 just like it is on the Windows svn build of Firefly. Let me know if/when you have it included in a new nightly build and I can give it a good run within 24 hours or so if it’s in the next couple of weeks.