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@fizze wrote:

As usual, I could only link you to and the likes…tried to install nano or jove, btw ?

I spent some time last night going through the sites looking for information on several fronts, including editors. I have a second NSLU2 and want to uNSLUng it, but I need to learn more about other options such as using a USB Flash Drive, etc. I am very happy with our mt-daapd setup and don’t want to do anything to risk that at the moment. My wife would never forgive me!!!

I installed the ‘joe’ editor since I had seen so many other people were having problems with installing the ‘nano’ editor. I did find additional information last night that may be related to the problems people have been experiencing with the ‘nano’ editor. Involves setting a ‘TERMINFO’ and ‘TERM’ variable, but did not sound like there was universal agreement on just how one should do it. I do have the ‘vi’ editor to work with so not being able to get ‘joe’ running is not a critical problem. What concerns me the most is if I can’t get what I thought should be a simple install of an editor to work, what chance will I have on more complex programs. Being such a Linux newbie, I am trying to figure out the things I can do with the highest possible success ratio. I felt that the mt-daapd package was a very safe first adventure, but if it had not been for this forum and the helpful people in it, I would have failed on my first NSLU2 project. So again, thanks to Ron and all the helpful people in this forum. I can’t contribute anything on the coding side, but maybe by documenting things as a Linux Newbie, I can give others like me courage to attempt to get mt-daapd installed and working.