Reply To: compile for Mac?


It took a while for the message to get approved 🙂

In the meantime I was able to get a compile thru, using the hints in:


I renamed it and copied into the Pref Panel. The log messages indicate all is good (read the iTunes lib), but I have no Bonjour…

I’ve tried connecting blindly, and iTunes asks for login information when I access


The log shows a 401: unauthorized and 302: Moved error.

I have not added a password… and I am 99% sure I’m looking at the right conf file b/c I have to toggle btw sqlite and sqlite3 depending if I use the original 1596 version or the one I just compiled (with no code changes.. yet… have to get to work as a baseline first).

I am compiling under 10.6.2 in case that makes a difference.

thanks for any suggestions!

My goal here is to add a call to UpdateSystemActivity so that the FF server will not sleep when it is actively serving up songs… (once I get the basic compile working)