Reply To: Playlists misbehaving?


Just thought I’d add some more data. Last night I put the latest version of my itunes XML file onto the NAS and rescanned in the hope that things might be better. This time even fewer tracks appeared in the playlists. Comparing what Itunes sees in its own library with that on the Firefly server I got:

Itunes using its own library: 53 genres, 1476 artists, 1764 albums, 16128 tracks, 65.77 gb
Itunes using the Firefly server: 54 genres, 1452 artists, 1766 albums, 28593 tracks, 65.65 gb
Java Firefly client: 53 genres, 1079 artists, 1766 albums, 28626 tracks, 65.6 gb

I’m particularly intrigued at the disparity of the track numbers being served by Firefly, and there is no evidence of any duplicate tracks etc.

In my earlier post I noted that the Java client fails to play many tracks. It gives “unsupported audio encoding” as the error message, which appears plain wrong as the same tracks play OK in itunes and on XBMC…