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Reply To: Default playlist?



Hey Lori,
Thanks for responding!

I don’t think my problem is with iTunes, really. It’s just reading the library that Firefly is presenting it. I think my issue is on the Firefly side.

My concern with your approach of changing the library directories on the fly is… when December 1 rolls around, and you change Firefly to look in both /My Music, and /Other Music/Christmas… doesn’t Firefly have to go and reindex the whole /Other Music/Christmas directory? I’m running my Firefly off a NSLU2, and indexing can actually be quite costly. Oft times, when I set it up to index a large-ish directory, it bombs after only partially indexing the files, and I have to restart Firefly and set it to try to index again, repeating many times until the entire directory has been indexed. I’d prefer to not have to make that an annual chore 🙂

That’s why I thought being able to tell Firefly “look… keep /Other Music/Christmas in your index… but don’t share it right now”. Essentially “ignore this directory”, but don’t wipe the indexing you’ve already done.

Or… if you tell me that Firefly already doesn’t reindex the directory, then we’re golden.

Thanks again!