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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly



Ye, I hope we can get firefly’s development from the ground again. I recently graduated as Bachelor on software engineering, but started a new education this week to become Master.
Therefore I have little time to help, but I would love to. I guess we’ll have to determine a focus as to what point we should improve firefly.
For example, as said in this topic, we could focus on supporting as many devices as possible, attracting a bigger variety of people.
Or, for example, we could aim to get firefly to support video.

I have managed to use the transcoding script to transcode nearly any video using ffmpeg to flv format, which can be streamed to an embedded flv player.
I wrote a php script which lists and parses all video’s from firefly, creating a list of video’s, making firefly able to stream video’s to the browser.

Also, if we get uPnP working, I bet a lot more people would be interested aswell. Maybe even include DLNA support, if that is possible. (not sure what it is :))

Therefore, firefly’s possibilities are unlimited. It could really be so much more.