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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly




I’m interested to know how any migration to a new forum might work. Naturally there are some incredibly useful threads that have evolved over time and Ron’s (and others) input has been invaluable in resolving user problems. Evidently we’d not want to lose any of that mine of information. As as suggestion, when any such migration does take place, can I suggest that some sort of period of piggy-backing between this existing forum and the new space exists so that regular posters can cross-check to an extent between the old & new and highlight any obvious discrepancies between them? In other words, let’s not vaporise this forum until we’re sure we’ve got what we need in the new space.

Granted, I may be being paranoid, but speaking for myself, Ron was incredibly helpful particularly in getting me up & running on the Slug (as a linux idiot) and multiply me by a factor of x you have many users who must have taken that information and resolved their own issues. I know from direct contact that posts I made for Mac users had a positive effect and hugely valuable contributions from blamm, stretch, fizze, EVILripper and others must have helped 100s if not 1000s of users over the last few years. I just want to be sure that when the move is made we keep the knowledge base. I appreciate you’re working with Ron towards that goal but feel it’s worth putting it into words all the same.

cheers, Andy