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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly



Heh… I’ve been browsing through these forums fairly regularly for the past year, and this is the first time I’ve actually read this thread. It seems like this convo is getting a bit lost. The subject should be edited to, or a new thread should be started called “Help develop FireFly” or something. But that’s an aside.

I’m a C/C++ developer, who would be very interested in helping with development.
But, here’s the thing… my development environment is Windows. I don’t know the first thing about cross-platform development/compiling, at least in terms of C. And, as a mt-daap user, my sole server right now is running on a NSLU2… so I would have a larger stake in seeing that platform thrive. My fear would be that I would invest a lot of time in the project, and Windows users would be all nice and happy with the features and fixes, but I, myself, wouldn’t actually be able to reap any of the user benefits because the NSLU2 builds would never get updated with those same features and benefits.

I know… pretty selfish. But it has to be a consideration.
There would need to be someone in the project that was knowledgeable in compiling for the NSLU2 before I would get involved.

Also, judging from jblache’s (overly harsh) blog post, it sounds like moving FireFly forward would most likely mean a rewrite, rather than an update. Spaghetti code is way too hard to “update” and maintain. I don’t particularly agree with a lot of jblache’s decisions (iTunes XML playlist support only useful on Mac OS X??? Really? I guess that’s why I’ve been using it with my NSLU2 since the second day I set it up. And the web interface? I’m only in that admin several times a day… can’t imagine why anyone would find it “toss-able”), but it does sound like he’s plowed through the code to a great degree and certainly has an opinion as to how manageable it is to work with 😯