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@andrew40 wrote:

I need developers…

I am interested in contributing. Most of my open source development has been via projects in academia. It’s been a while since I’ve done vanilla C (I tend to do more C++), but I am game in seeing this software improve.

I realize things are in transition, but I would be interested in participating in a discussion of what the state of the software is and where we think work is most needed. Are there efforts to migrate the wiki? I tend to prefer a wiki for assembling wish lists and the like.

Also, I’m kinda intrigued by the post, ?f=2&t=29772#p46441, which announces a rewrite called (a bit unimaginatively 😉 ) “forked-daapd”. I tend to sympathize with some of the sentiments expressed in the blog entry referenced in the message (although I personally cannot attest their applicability to the current firefly code specifically). It might be interesting to see if there is something worth paying attention to or even consider joining forces.