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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly



@andrew40 wrote:

I am an experienced project manager, and willing to help get together a group of software developers who want to take this project forward as it does not seem to be an active project anymore.

I note some of you on here are anxious to move this forward so would love to help get a new project rolling with the help of Ron so that we can bring this great piece of software up with the latest including iphone apps, server features, etc etc etc.

Let me know..


Well, I think you just put your hand up to get things moving again. Only problem is how exactly are we to let you know?
Sorry if I’m a little abrupt. I appear to be the only one trying to keep them spam under control & the volume is significant 👿

I’ll gladly put in spare time but unfortunately, i don’t know how to write software.
As it stands right now, I’m considering ignoring this forum. The spam volume exceeds legitimate posts by a factor of 100 at the very least.
I just wish i could ban the repeat visit spammers