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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly



It all seems to have gathered pace now.

I have had some email communication with Ron today, and he seems very pleased that it is now moving on as he simply doesn’t have the time to put into it. We are sorting some issues out with Roku, and branding and the domain name, but hopefully these are only minor.

We are setting up a new forum and going to try and export some of the more helpful posts across to a more spam resistant version. I have already had a couple of offers to moderate and a couple of developers.

So now we need to get this project moving, we need some pretty good developers, a code manager who can manage a code repository and keep that part of the forum up to date, a packager.

I have a new website being prepared and logo if we cannot use the existing, I am preferring a new look to show that the project is really moving and get some big backing as it has had a lot of publicity in the past which we need to grow.

Any ideas gratefully received