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Tested forked-daapd now a bit. Had to manually create it’s /var/cache subdir and then it worked.

Differences noticed vs mt-daapd:
– Twice the memory usage
– 10x higher CPU load (relevant on small systems, less so on more powerful systems)
– scanning of database slightly, but insignificantly slower
– streaming works just the same
– no smart playlists 8-(
– no status/admin interface

Transcoding not tested yet.

But seeing that no coder is in the moment really interested to develop either mt-daapd or forked-mtdappd it seems irrelevant anyway. Both would require for a new coder quite some initial work to put in. For mt-daapd it would be to understand the not so well structured old code. For the fork it would be working on interoperability between distributions and stripping down some libararies/dependencies.

That beeing said the case to revive the project rests for a while longer I guess.