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@mas wrote:

I would doubt that the fork will run on a NSLU. The guy made the code really for himself and the portability is not (yet?) really high.

For instance I tried to compile the mt-daapd fork. First I had to install antlr and a few other dependencies. Some work but in the end straightforward to do. And as antlr seems to be a java tool there already it ends for the NSLUs as well I am afraid.

With my miniPC based on a VIA CPU and gentoo distribution I did not come much further though. After installing all dependencies I get now in the configure run

checking avl.h usability… no
checking avl.h presence… no
checking for avl.h… no
configure: error: avl.h not found

Doing a google search does not really reveal the package that belongs to. And a configure run should not bark out just with a missing header file error. There seems to be something either bugged or highly distribution dependant.

I had this one too, not sure how i fixed it though.
i got it to run, but it lacked some features.

I want the scanner to index files it does not support.
For custom backend goodness 😉
Had some strange crashes, so i reverted to mt-daapd

— Edit —
You need to install avl-0.3.5 (sometimes called libavl)

Although it uses antlr most of it is for automating compilation and some sort of template based programming (correct me if i’m wrong).
I think cross compiled binaries could work.