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@ace wrote:

Folks, seriously… This is really really simple. The fork is the future.

This is the only place where active development is happening, as far as I can tell. The fork supports Front Row, smart playlists, itunes library xml, >2GB movie files, bug fixes of all stripes, and soon full control with an iPhone Remote. Oh, and did I mention active development?

Project management and resources are a wonderful thing, to be sure. But what really counts is code.

As you probably know, the current (read old) Firefly is used as an embedded iTunes/DAAP server on many, many different NAS servers including the ReadyNAS from NetGear. The ReadyNAS like most NAS servers uses Linux as its operating system. Are there any plans to either package up forked-daapd yourselves for use on a ReadyNAS so mere users do not have to try compiling it themselves. Or perhaps contacting NetGear and getting them to switch from ‘ye olde’ Firefly to forked-daapd instead?

The following open-source links may be of interest/help –

Amongst other things they should allow serving iPhoto libraries as well as iTunes.

My goal is to be able to connect an Apple TV to a server – presumably forked-daapd running on a ReadyNAS.