Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly


It’s not cloak and dagger stuff!!

I am a project manager with a number of resources and finances whereby I can help this project progress. I use FireFly and want to see this project continue and blossom. I am not a coder or do I intend to be, as there are far more better people out there who are willing to do this.

I have sent emails to several people in the past few months who have said they want to help and have the time to do so, and I have got no response from them. I am also taking the flak for not moving this forward, which I dearly want to.

Ron is a difficult person to track down and get responses from, although he has given me access to the site and also sourceforge.

I want to set this up with a dedicated team of developers who can start with the latest fork on a new repository and move the whole damn thing forward. FireFly 2 is not a complete code re-write its just the re-birth of an otherwise fine piece of software with a dedicated number of people behind it.

A lot of you are asking me for the new code – there is NO new code!

I cannot do this on my own, and unless I get a decent enough response in the next 7 days other than ‘forum moderation’ then unfortunately I will have to close my part of the process down and withdraw.

My email is [email protected], I welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and requests.

Lets make it happen – I have time free for the next 7 days.