Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly


What about the brand “Firefly”? I guess the rights belong to Roku, so is it possible to call a forked/next version “Firefly 2”?

As long as you don’t base it in the USA likely a total no brainer. The Soundbridge is as buried as I have ever seen any product by them. They have virtually no commercial interest in that brand thus. And hunting a “rogue” using their brand outside the USA would require a financial commitment, which would be really strange. Thats not a huge company who just shells out money for nothing I guess.

On the fork of Julien:

I think he has got it precisely right by simplifying the code and the features down first before the rewrite. In order to keep it manageable with the limited available workforce that is the only solution. At least initially, till other people agree to expand and maintain other features.
And I have read the code a slight bit and was totally stunned by how complex and hard to follow it was. So I also would say a rewrite and something clean to start off fresh is definitly the way to go.
One can always discuss about features and disagree which are essential or nice, but it is a good start. Please lets continue there.

You have a source tarball downloadable somewhere? Any problems forseeable to compile it on a gentoo-linux Mini-PC? Whats the exact dependencies it has?