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I am ready to start the development process in favour and as a higher priority to the forum, but have had not had any hard responses back yet from people who can aid in development.

I will have access to the sourceforge project soon and looking at re building everything, but I cannot do it on my own with just a couple of moderators. I need developers…

I’m afraid to tell you, but you’ve got several problems here.

First and foremost, your approach is completely wrong. That’s not how you take over an opensource project. Not even close. All you’ve done so far is talk talk talk and none of what you’ve said or done actually matters. Also the way you’ve been pushing this, the way you’ve written the above and the mention of your company in past posts makes this all the more suspicious to me.

Now, as far as developers go, the more it goes, the more I doubt there are many people here familiar with the current codebase and general principles behind what mt-daapd actually does. Which means you’ll find little help here…

As much as I’d like to see development pick up again, this does not look like the start of something that’ll work out.

Thanks for your comments. There are several problems I am trying to iron out to take this further. If I took your comments to heart I could give up now and then where would we be? Maybe instead of telling me how wrong I am actually doing it, you might like to suggest a way forward that we could embrace and take this project forward.

At the moment all I am doing is securing the source, stabilising the forum, setting up a new site and forum, and getting a team to together with experience and a will to move this forward. If you want to give some advice and help take this project forward then please stick your hand up and say I’m in, otherwise any advice is greatly appreciated, but don’t ‘dis’ a project before its started.