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@jblache wrote:

@thorstenhirsch wrote:

jblache, it would be great if you could help this project, and by that I mean if you could write code for a lot more people than just for you.

The code is there for anyone who wants to use it or work on it, and I take patches. I have nothing against making things more formal by hosting the project somewhere with a project page and registered contributors, but I want to have contributors first.

I do not have the time to maintain a cross-platform project all by myself. Moreover, I absolutely do not care about Windows and my care level for Mac OS X is not high enough anymore for me to bother about it (did that back in 2001-2003; it’s been fun but it’s also been very frustrating). I’m not going to pretend I’m interested when I’m not, and I’m not going to pretend patches are good when they’re not, either.

These are my rules; I want code and not talk, and I want good code. I take the good 2-hour solution over the crappy 5-minute hack.

As far as platforms are concerned, if you want to port forked-daapd to another platform, go ahead. It shouldn’t be too hard on OS X or *BSD, though it won’t be fun on Windows. Be prepared to become the platform maintainer once you’ve done that, too.

@thorstenhirsch wrote:

I think your code is much better, you did a great job. But I can’t use it, too, although my server is based on linux.

Yeah, requires a 2.6.29 kernel and glibc 2.9 at least, I know, but the kernel features are well worth it.

ANTLR is a pain too, I know, but again, worth it (though I could and will make a better use of it, time permitting).

It sounds that you are wanting to set up your own fork of the source code and get contributors on board. Can I ask is this separate to this project or are you wanting to take part? You have some very strong views but they can be directed in making FireFly a much needed and better project as a whole.

I would be happy to have you managing the GIT part of the project and contributors but really need to keep this all together, so that the source code is managed properly as you previously said.

Let me know.