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Reply To: The case for reviving Firefly



@jblache wrote:

That’s not how free software works. Want something? Send a patch.

Sorry… but BUZZZZZZZZZ… that’s incorrect. Thanks for playing.

That’s perhaps how free software used to work… 10 years ago. But that’s what I’m saying. Those days are long since gone. Now that OpenSource is much more accepted as a valid development model, OpenSource projects rise to the level of full products. They have requirements specs, they have architecture drafts, they have source control, they have Q/A and UX phases, they have lifecycles, they address users needs, they have user manuals, they have customer support… just throwing a patch over the wall to hope it sticks doesn’t work anymore. The team assembles a spec to dictate what features will be sought in each successive release. If a user “wants something”, they add it to a wish list and, if appropriate, state how they can help.

@nschertz… what “reorganization” are you looking for? As far as I know, nothing has been done with the original code, other than jblache’s personal fork. If that’s not still the case, I’m sure Andrew will mention something shortly.