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@Servomation wrote:

Also, judging from jblache’s (overly harsh) blog post

If you’d had to clean up the mess I had to clean up, you would probably understand where that comes from and how justified it is.

@Servomation wrote:

I don’t particularly agree with a lot of jblache’s decisions (iTunes XML playlist support only useful on Mac OS X??? Really? I guess that’s why I’ve been using it with my NSLU2 since the second day I set it up.

I honestly don’t know why you would prefer the iTunes XML playlist over a plain M3U playlist if you’re not already using iTunes. Which would mean you’re on OS X or Windows, two platforms I don’t care much about.

Let me make it clear that I wrote forked-daapd for my own use and amusement with a goal of being fast and lightweight on Linux and Linux only. As a result the code is very tied to Linux features. I’m making this code available because I think I’m not the only one out there looking for a fast and reliable RSP/DAAP server. (and my inbox is there to prove it, btw).

@Servomation wrote:

And the web interface? I’m only in that admin several times a day… can’t imagine why anyone would find it “toss-able”)

The stable portion of the web interface is only useful to trigger a rescan of the library or look at the status of the server. The former isn’t needed anymore, the latter is pretty much useless anyway. And I personally do not care about web interfaces 🙂 Which doesn’t mean there can’t be one, just that it won’t come from me.

@Servomation wrote:

but it does sound like he’s plowed through the code to a great degree and certainly has an opinion as to how manageable it is to work with 😯

You bet I do.