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@EVILRipper wrote:

Is the question/answer something you made up yourself? If so, it will indeed keep the spam away.
I also agree in the users without posts. I would even agree to delete users with 1 or 2 posts. Would you care if your account on a forum got deleted where you posted 2 messages? I wouldn’t.

Edit: I did a quick check. Deleting all users with # of posts <= 2, the user count would lower to 21 pages.
Deleting # of posts = 0 would equal 46 pages. As the # of members is spread over almost 500 pages, I guess we can delete quite some users. 🙂

All inactive and de-activated users now deleted, all posts that represent spam now deleted. All users with 1 post have also been deleted and am now systematically trawling through the posts looking for keywords.

I think this should be ready to archive very soon and transferred to more up-to-date forum.

I am still toying with continuing with phpbb3 or moving to a more simpler structure such as bbpress, where controlling spam can be a lot simpler. PHPBB3 is great but can be a bit overly complex when you want to do simple things.

Doing some import tests now…