Reply To: Installing Firefly on Embedded System


Thanks for the links to those topics… I had seen those before, but there is a slight difference between their cases and mine. They both have the line

Aug 25 15:01:07 server mt-daapd[28298]: Error in drop_privs: Success

whereas mine says

Error in drop_privs: No such file or directory

. I have tried with the “runas” set as nobody, root, and 0, all with no change to the message (besides the username reflecting the current runas setting). I am using the tarball for svn-1696, and am using the standard configure;make;make install method with a specific host and a prefix to install the package on my embedded system. However, there is no directory /etc/init.d on the board let alone a daemon in there. it also doesn’t exist in that directory on the build server either. My current theory on what is going on is that during the compile, the compiler recognizes certain basic files and packages that are on the build server (fedora 8 ) by default such as /usr/include/pwd.h, but in order to run on the board, i create an image of a small part of the file system, thus removing all these necessary files and packages and causing this runtime error. If that theory is correct, the next step i need to take is to try to disable or modify the functionality that relies on these files and packages. So, i’m currently looking for any information on runas user to see if i can modify the source so that i don’t have to install all these extra files and packages.

EDIT: Actually, i don’t know if this exists or anything, but a list of core linux utilities that firefly uses would be amazing!